На передовой интернет-революции с 1997 года

TransparentBusiness разработан в 2008 году компанией KMGi Group, которая основана в Нью-Йорке в 1997 году и получила мировую известность в области онлайн-инноваций.

В TransparentBusiness, мы верим в удивительную силу технологий. Технологии уравнивают возможности, строят мосты, сокращают расстояния и позволяют миллионам людей работать там, где они хотят.

Еще мы верим в прозрачность. Наша первая в своем роде платформа решает самые острые проблемы аутсорсинга и удаленной работы. Наша платформа повышает производительность, защищает от завышения счетов, позволяет координировать работу и вести мониторинг и предоставляет информацию о статусе и стоимости всех задач и проектов в реальном времени. Мы с гордостью представляем принципиально новый способ ведения успешного бизнеса.

Управляющая команда

Познакомьтесь с людьми, которые мечтают изменить к лучшему работу для людей и компаний.
Alex Konanykhin
Silvina Moschini
James Costos
Moe Vela
Roel C. Campos
Howard Needle
Chief Financial Officer
Andrew Winn
Chief Investor Relations Officer
Peter Smirnov
Maricruz Tabbia
Chief of Staff & Operations
Mark Burtschi
Senior Vice President
Martin Ruano
VP Financial Planning
& Operations

Нам доверяют тысячи клиентов по всему миру.

СМИ о TransparentBusiness

TransparentBusiness changes the way in which people work.
Platforms like TransparentBusiness, developed by KMGi, facilitate the management of projects carried out by workers located in different parts of the world. Every three minutes, this tool captures the computer screen of each team member.
TransparentBusiness is a new bill-monitoring service designed to allow clients to view their lawyers´ billing activities through a computer surveillance system.
Be transparent. KMGi almost doubled its business from existing clients in 2011 by allowing them to monitor the ad design work in real-time via TransparentBusiness.
TransparentBusiness was distinguished in 2012 as a "Rising Star" in the category "Best Cloud Computing Solution for Enterprise" during the 14th edition of PC World Latin America Awards.
Clients who use the application can manage their businesses from anywhere, coordinate their team anytime, view screenshots in real-time to see how tasks progress and to avoid overbilling.

Недавние заметки в СМИ

TransparentBusiness Offers Companies an Effective Solution to the Uncertainty Surrounding H-1B Visa Reform
Feb 7, 2017
A total of 97 companies -- including Apple, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Netflix and Twitter -- filed a court motion Sunday night declaring that Trump's executive order on immigration "violates the immigration laws and the Constitution." The ban represents "a sudden shift in the rules governing entry into the United States, and is inflicting substantial harm on U.S. companies," says the court document.
TransparentBusiness duplica monto de apoyo a refugiados
CIO, Adolfo Manaure
Feb 2, 2017
Respondiendo al decreto del Presidente Trump contra el ingreso de musulmanes a los Estados Unidos y el apoyo a los refugiados la plataforma de empleo remoto elevó apoyo a estos grupo vulnerables hasta 2 millones de dólares.
In Response to the Muslim Ban Imposed by President Trump, TransparentBusiness Doubles Its Commitment to Refugees, Pledging Two Million Dollars
Jan 31, 2017
The controversial Order of President Trump banning citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the USA and freezing refugee program caused hardship to thousands of refugees. To alleviate their plight, TransparentBusiness has doubled its commitment to Partnership of Refugees to two million dollars.
Former SGI's CEO Jorge Titinger Joins TransparentBusiness as its Chief Strategy Officer
Jan, 2017
Today, TransparentBusiness is pleased to announce appointment of Jorge Luis Titinger as its Chief Strategy Officer. Mr. Titinger is best known as the former CEO of SGI (Silicon Graphics International Corp.), a global leader in high-performance solutions for compute, data analytics, and data management, which was recently acquired by HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise).
La nube en el trabajo. La revolución de la tecnología
Por Mariana F. Maldonado. Publicado en El Universal.
Oct, 2016
El mundo laboral cambia a pasos agigantados. Y la tecnología hace realidad lo que antes era sólo posible en la ciencia ficción...
White House Announces Commitments to the Call to Action for Private Sector Engagement on the Global Refugee Crisis
The White House, Office of the Press Secretary
Sept, 2016
Today, the White House is announcing that 51 companies from across the American economy have made new, measurable, and significant commitments to aid refugees in the United States and around the world in response to the President’s June Call to Action...
TransparentBusiness Joins the White House Call-to-action for Private Sector Engagement on the Global Refugee Crisis
Sept, 2016
(September 20, 2016, New York NY) Today, President Obama will host the Leaders’ Summit on Refugees in the wake of the UN General Assembly, where he will present the White House call-to-action for private sector engagement on the global refugee crisis...
Curbing Bad Behavior: App Seeks to Harness Overbilling by Contractors
The Times-News
Aug, 2016
That contractors routinely overbill governments at the expense of taxpayers may come as no surprise. That these overbillings likely total hundreds of billions of dollars should shock and infuriate us all...
Top 6 Conflict Resolution Tips for New Managers
Simon Bonello
Jul, 2016
Use technology to your advantage. Certain workplace disputes can be avoided by using technology. For example, using a reputable time tracker and recording phone calls can help mitigate some potential conflicts. Platforms like TransparentBusiness are especially helpful in eliminating potential issues such as billing conflicts between employer and employee.
TransparentBusiness и Yandiki объединяют усилия с Facebook, чтобы расширить возможности предпринимателей со всего мира
TransparentBusiness / Press-release
May, 2015
TransparentBusiness – платформа для гибкого управления персоналом и учета рабочего времени, и Yandiki – компания, создавшая облачную площадку для найма креативных специалистов, были выбраны в качестве партнеров Facebook для проекта FbStart.com – глобального сообщества мобильных разработчиков. В течение первого года FbStart распределит гранты на сумму более 100 млн долларов между более чем 3,800 стартапами, чтобы помочь им развивать свой бизнес по всему миру.
Startup spotlight: Yandiki connects creative talent around the world
Nancy Dahlberg, United States
Nov, 2014
WORLD AT HER FINGERTIPS: Silvina Moschini, who runs Yandiki, works while holding her dog John John in The LAB Miami in Wynwood. She runs Yandiki, which screens and matches tech talent, for instance in Latin America, with companies that need it. The site allows talent to live anywhere yet still find work online.
Internet entrepreneur Silvina Moschini breaks barriers
Rachelle Akuffo, United States
Nov, 2014
When the first wave of the internet washed over us with the dot com revolution in the late 1990s, the number of women in technology was few and far between. But one female entrepreneur was such a standout in the technology field, dubbed by the media as ‘Miss Internet’. As with many aspiring entrepreneurs, Silvina Moschini‘s journey began with taking a risk and leaving her corporate career. CCTV America’s Rachelle Akuffo reported this story from Washington D.C.
Consulate Pitches Ukraine for Outsourcing in Spite of Conflict
Rachel King, United States
Jul, 2014
SoftServe, along with embassy officials and Internet firm KMGi Group, which offers an online service called TransparentBusiness.com to help companies better monitor the work of remote employees first began a campaign, April 29, to appeal to Western businesses to support outsourcing as a way to stave off a “new Cold War."
Ukraine Wants to Become the Silicon Valley of Europe
Marina Koren, United States
Apr, 2014
The event ran like a standard business pitch, with several economic and tech experts touting the benefits of outsourcing IT jobs. The embassy had partnered with TransparentBusiness, a "cloudsourcing" provider that allows managers in other countries to remotely monitor their contractors' work in Ukraine. By growing this economic sector, Ukraine isn't looking to become the next India, the evening's featured speakers said, but rather the Silicon Valley of Europe. The most memorable marketing tactic of the evening wasn't touting cheaper ...
Полный контроль. Сильвина Москини и ее онлайн-платформа для управления персоналом
Enrique Garabetyan, Форбс Аргентина
Август 2012
Две тенденции, во многом противоречащие друг другу, утвердились на глобальной предпринимательской сцене: компании должны становиться более эффективными и экономичными, в то время как рабочая сила – особенно творческая молодежь – требует более высокого качества труда и большей гибкости. Как выровнять две тенденции, которые тянут в противоположных направлениях? Один из способов примирить их, к которому уже приглядываются многие компании, – это удаленная работа. Такая модель становится одним из локомотивов роста облачных технологий...
Три способа сделать так, чтобы ваши клиенты пришли к вам снова
Daniel Bortz, United States
Январь 2011
Одна из самых распространенных ошибок владельцев малого бизнеса – они часто тратят так много времени на привлечение новых клиентов, что его совсем не остается на формирование их лояльности. Разумеется, это серьезная ошибка, ведь привлечь нового клиента намного дороже, чем удержать старого. Чтобы развивать и поддерживать отношения с клиентами, вы должны регулярно общаться и, что еще важнее, давать ему больше, чем минимально необходимый сервис. Вот три примера того, как три малых бизнеса удерживают клиентов...