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Your Global Outsourced Team
Outsourcing is a vital and growing part of your dynamic labor solution. And for good reason – you need certain expertise only at specific times in your production cycle. And, to stay competitive, you need that expertise at the most competitive rates. But how do you effectively manage and coordinate the creative output of a global workforce?
That's where the TransparentBusiness system comes in. Now you can tap into a global talent pool and see each workers productivity in real time or retroactively. With the click of your mouse, you can monitor what your remote workers are doing better than if they were in house. No longer will you be guessing which remote workers are being diligent and productive and which workers are idling or overbilling.

With TransparentBusiness, you can:

Control and coordinate your global outsource team
Verify hours billed
Obtain the full benefits of outsourcing
View the exact status of each project
Increase the overall productivity of your workforce

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