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See the Work Performed by Your Entire Workforce in Real Time

Contingent labor provides a flexible, cost-effective part of your production strategy. By using the TransparentBusiness management system, you will have total access to each worker's contribution, no matter how big your business or the number of projects being done. You can track hours logged each day by each worker. You can even filter by country, client, project, or user tag. The graph user-interface allows you to see if you are making money on your project at each step along the way. You can see how much each earnings each contingent worker is bringing your company - or how much they are costing you. TransparentBusiness gives you real-time visibility into each worker's cost, efficiency, and productivity - regardless of where the worker is on the globe. Finally, you can have a global contingent workforce whose activities are truly transparent!

With TransparentBusiness, you can:

See the activities of your entire workforce
See the activities of each worker
Know your contingent work force
Help your global workforce collaborate effectively

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