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Exclusive Real-Time Gantt Chart

Gantt charts are widely used because they are so useful for planning projects.
In 2009, TransparentBusiness introduced Smart Gantt charts which show real-time status of cost of each task and project. Now project managers can see up to the minute developments in each task for each project.

TransparentBusiness system updates each chart in real-time based on the time logged for each worker.

With TransparentBusiness, you can:

Have an exclusive, real-time Gantt chart
Up to the Minute Status Updates for Each Project
Coordinate your global team working remotely
Verify hours billed

COVID-19 pandemic has reached 88 countries, including the United States. In China, over 50 million people are under lockdown and cannot commute to work. Executives around the world are scrambling to shift their staff to work-from-home mode. Remote work is notoriously hard to manage, to the degree that some of the largest tech companies had given up on telecommuting (Yahoo, IBM, HP). Fortunately, remote work can be made fully visible to the managers using TransparentBusiness, designated by Citigroup as the Top People Management Solution.