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Productive Workers Love Transparency

Your best employees and contractors are more than just resources for your company - they are your allies. They want your company's success, and they understand that what's good for you will ultimately be good for them. And your best team members are often too busy working hard for you to go "toot their own horns" about how much they are doing.
That's why your best workers love TransparentBusiness. Employers can see exactly how productive they are being, the projects upon which they are working, and the amount of activity they are putting into their work - all without adding a single minute of administrative or clerical work to their already busy schedule.

TransparentBusiness brings transparency between you and your workers, so you know who is really carrying the production weight and who is slacking off. Productive workers love it!

With TransparentBusiness, you can:

See why productive workers love transparency
Gain administrative efficiencies
Increase the overall productivity of your workforce
Verify every hour worked

COVID-19 pandemic has reached 88 countries, including the United States. In China, over 50 million people are under lockdown and cannot commute to work. Executives around the world are scrambling to shift their staff to work-from-home mode. Remote work is notoriously hard to manage, to the degree that some of the largest tech companies had given up on telecommuting (Yahoo, IBM, HP). Fortunately, remote work can be made fully visible to the managers using TransparentBusiness, designated by Citigroup as the Top People Management Solution.