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This practical guide will give you all the information you and your team need to enjoy the benefits TransparentBusiness has to offer. TransparentBusiness is an end-to-end project management platform that helps you coordinate and manage your distributed workforce transparently.
For contractors
How to Reassign Screenshots
Sometimes we may forget to turn off the Timer or select the wrong task. This means our screenshots will be stored under the wrong account or labelled under the wrong task.
TransparentBusiness only allows each user to reassign and delete their own screenshots. Even Administrators don't have the ability to modify a user’s screenshot registry.
To modify your screenshot registry, you must first go to the specific client’s account, then to the Timesheet and select the day that you need to modify.
Once you've entered the Work Diary, select the screenshots you want to reassign.
Click the blue “Reassign” button and then select the project and task where the screenshot should be stored.
Confirm your selection and voilá! Your screenshots will be reorganized.