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This practical guide will give you all the information you and your team need to enjoy the benefits TransparentBusiness has to offer. TransparentBusiness is an end-to-end project management platform that helps you coordinate and manage your distributed workforce transparently.
For contractors
Deleting Your Screenshots
You can delete a screenshot permanently. Once you do, nobody will be able to see it. Just remember that when you delete a screenshot, the time associated with that screen (up to 3 minutes) will disappear, too.
Simply follow the same process as for reassigning a task. Enter the TransparentBusiness platform, go to your Home Screen account and then to the Timesheet. Once there, find the day and the client in which the screenshot you want to delete is located.
Once in the Work Diary, select the screenshot you want to delete and then click the “Remove” button. Before you can delete, you will be asked to confirm your decision.
Deleting a screenshot is permanent and will also decrease your total registered time in the amount of 0-3 minutes per deleted screenshot.