Welcome to TransparentBusiness's How-To Guide!

This practical guide will give you all the information you and your team need to enjoy the benefits TransparentBusiness has to offer. TransparentBusiness is an end-to-end project management platform that helps you coordinate and manage your distributed workforce transparently.
In this guide you will find articles, step-by-step instructions, video tutorials, and tips to help you discover how TransparentBusiness facilitates managing a virtual team efficiently and in real-time.
Our How-To guide's Clients and Administrators section will focus on topics such as: selecting the perfect collaborator for your team, creating and monitoring projects, collaborating with your team in real-time, and getting the most out of the information available on the Timesheet.
In the Contractors section, you will learn how to use the Timer, manage your registered time, and use TransparentBusiness for collaboration.
About This Guide
Now that you know of the compelling benefits offered by TransparentBusiness, we'll help you start using the platform. This guide will allow you to read at your own pace or jump ahead to the features you are interested in.
The first section of the guide is meant for clients and administrators. If you were invited to TransparentBusiness as a contractor, we recommend that you jump ahead to the second section of the guide.