Welcome to TransparentBusiness's How-To Guide!

This practical guide will give you all the information you and your team need to enjoy the benefits TransparentBusiness has to offer. TransparentBusiness is an end-to-end project management platform that helps you coordinate and manage your distributed workforce transparently.
How to Review Progress - Gantt Charts
Each project will automatically generate a Gantt Chart that will show the team’s progress on different tasks. To access the Gantt, enter the Workroom, select the project that you want to see and click the “Gantt Chart” tab.
It is very easy to read a Gantt Chart. All you need to know is what each of the colors represent:
  • A line in gray shows the days you plan to use to work on a task and for which nobody has yet registered any time. If it is past the day that task should have started but it's still gray, then you can check with your team to learn the reason for the delay and avoid rushing at the last minute.
  • A line in light green means your team has started working on that task and they are working well. They are working within budget and are still within the deadline.
  • When the task turns dark green, you need to start paying attention. This means your team has continued working past the deadline, but are still working within budget.
  • A yellow task means your team has used up all their assigned hours but there are still days left to continue working.
  • Now, when you see your task in bright orange you are in serious trouble. This means your task has gone past the deadline, and is over budget. Ouch! However, there are ways to fix this. You can increase the assigned hours and change the deadline, or you can ask your team members to reassign their worked hours. We'll teach you how to do this in a few chapters.