Returns on investment in some Internet companies have been in the hundreds of thousands percentage points.

For example, early investors in Amazon saw their investment grow over TEN MILLION PERCENT and a high-school drop-out made over FIVE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS by investing sixty thousand dollars worth of graffiti-painting services into Facebook.

But how can you identify great investment opportunities?

They don’t come along often. Too many factors have to coincide. A huge market need. An easily scalable solution which perfectly addresses that need. Endorsements and validations which allow for fast acceptance of that solution. Absence of competition. A strong team which can achieve market domination.

TransparentBusiness meets all these criteria and can produce extraordinary returns on your investment; please see the video summary on the right.

In the United States, this investment opportunity is regulated by Rule 506(c) of the Regulation D, which permits “broad solicitation and general advertising” but limits the opportunity to accredited investors only (net worth over $1 million or income exceeding $200,000, see the detailed definition). Non-US investors may qualify under Regulation S. The minimum investment is $50,000. See our Investment Summary for detailed information and request the Private Placement Memorandum for the description of the terms and risks.

Our financial executives would be happy to respond to your questions:
Andrew Winn
Chief IR Officer
West Palm Beach, FL
Former Head of Capital, Barclays Global Investors
Howard Needle
Chief Financial Officer
Greenwich, CT
Former Managing Director of: Bank of America, NatWest Markets, Bankers Trust
Ron Portell
Senior Vice President
San Francisco, CA
Former First Vice President of: Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch
James M. Sanford
Registered Broker
Greater New York City Area
Founder, Sag Harbor Advisors, an independent banking group

If TransparentBusiness reaches Salesforce’s valuation, your investment would increase in value by 90,000%

A huge return is a distinct possibility, given the unique combination of all factors required for a mega-success in a tech business:

  • A huge market need.
  • An easily scalable solution which perfectly addresses that need
  • Endorsements and validations which allow for fast acceptance of a solution.
  • Absence of competition.
  • A strong team which can achieve market domination.
TransparentBusiness is lead by professionals who’ve demonstrated their ability to decisively act on market opportunities.
The Board of Directors of TransparentBusiness consists of four members:

Silvina Moschini

Co-founder and President

In 2003 Fortune magazine called Silvina  “Miss Internet”  and she has since remained one of the most prominent Internet entrepreneurs, with hundreds of appearances on CNN and other networks, articles in scores of publications around the world and keynote appearances at major events.

Alex Konanykhin

Co-founder and CEO

The Wall Street Journal reported:
"Mr. Konanykhin was a whiz-kid physics student who became a pioneering Russian capitalist in early 1990s, building a banking and investment empire valued at an estimated $300 million all by his mid-20s.” In 1992, Konanykhin immigrated to the United States from post-Soviet Russia on political reasons, for opposing corruption.

Kenneth Arredondo

Chief Revenue Officer
A former President and General Manager (APJ) of CA Technologies, one of the largest software corporations in the world. He is also one of the early investors in TransparentBusiness.

James Costos

A former U.S. Ambassador to Spain. Prior to his diplomatic career, Amb. Costos had been an executive at HBO and Tod's with responsibilities encompassing global positioning, external relations, marketing and communications.

Silvina Moschini and “Who’s Who in EY”, including Steve Hove, EY’s US Chairman and Americas Managing Partner, Julie Teigland, EY’s Managing Partner for Germany, Switzerland and Austria and Susana Balbo, the Chairwoman of W20 (a G20 organization).

On June 25, 2018, EY announced that it’s becoming the Founding Sponsor of SheWorks subsidiary of TransparentBusiness, with the objective to bring more than 100,000 more women to the workplace by 2020.

Silvina Moschini, a co-founder and the President of TransparentBusiness, with Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. TransparentBusiness is a technology partner of Facebook.
Excerpts. TheDeal is a media channel of

... a New York-based software startup called TransparentBusiness Inc. has drawn backing from Fortune 500 executives through a relatively new type of securities offering called 506(c) as part of an effort to raise $10 million this year.

Alex Konanykhin, CEO of TransparentBusiness, said he decided to reach out directly to accredited investors by purchasing ads in financial publications. One particularly bold ad includes the figure, 90,000%, with a question mark next to it.

Konanykhin said the ad speaks to the large market opportunity for his company's software, which helps governments eliminate fraud by verifying billable hours charged by outside contractors. ...

Thus far, TransparentBusiness Inc. has raised about $500,000 under the 506(c) offering plus an earlier round of about $1.5 million through a convertible offering. It's currently offering 10 percent of the company for $10 million, with a minimum investment of $50,000.

The company's investors in the convertible offering include: ... Javier Polit, CIO, Procter & Gamble ($100,000); Ken Arredondo, former President of CA Technologies and a TransparentBusiness. board member ($150,000); Jorge Titinger, former CEO of SGI ($100,000); Ximena Querol, CEO of Sector3 Social Venture Group ($125,000) and Andrew Winn, former portfolio manager at BarclaysGlobal Investments and now senior vice president of TransparentBusiness ($110,000).

One of the investors, Ken Arredondo, told The Deal he invested in TransparentBusiness and agreed to serve on its board of directors because of the company's strong management team and the huge market opportunity to increase transparency of outsourced contracts worldwide. He believes in the company's product and said it's unique.

"It's a Saas-based, easy-to-use tool," he said. "There are a lot of technology players out there that are a lot bigger, but none of them have what they have. There will be competition, but they have the product now. They have first-mover advantage."

Arredondo plans to keep his investment in the company for at least two to five years. By then, the company could be large enough for an IPO or a sale.

A 506(c) offering, unlike other private offerings such as private-investments-in-public-equity, or PIPE deals, don't carry the same restrictions around the marketing of private offerings. (continue reading).

Bring Transparency to State Contracting

...Just a few years ago, a software contractor over billed New York City more than $500 million dollars on a single municipal project.

Given that Rhode Island spends hundreds of millions of dollars annually on large, complex professional service contracts, I am concerned the state is vulnerable to similar examples of time sheet fraud. That’s why I have introduced legislation (H-7788) that requires the transparent verification of billable activity.

In the absence of such verification, our agency auditors cannot verify the accuracy of contractual billing, so the state essentially pays contractors on the honor system, leaving open the possibility for fraud, waste and abuse. Further, state officials cannot efficiently monitor the status of ongoing, complex contracts, one of the major reasons we have seen some projects go far over budget and past deadlines.

To remedy the situation, my legislation would require that state contractors use newly available transparency and accountability tools to ensure that they are staying on task toward delivering contractually promised system functionalities.

By requiring vendors to use software that periodically takes screenshots of work being performed and provides automated real-time cost status of key tasks, we can significantly increase our capacity to manage complex projects, while protecting the state from padded invoices and time sheet fraud.

These software tools, such as TransparentBusiness from leading payroll and human services provider ADP, are already in use in the private sector, and Rhode Island can take advantage of these best practices in managing its state contractors.

Upgrading legacy information systems and other complex projects will always be a challenge, but let’s strengthen our state’s overall information technology project management capacity with powerful new transparency and billing verification tools designed to prevent time sheet fraud.

By Brian Patrick Kennedy, the Speaker pro tempore of the House of Representatives of Rhode Island.

Contact us, if you are an accredited investor interested in this Regulation D 506(c) equity raise.

TransparentBusiness has begun an active Government outreach program, with the objective of making TransparentBusiness a required platform for government contractors throughout the United States. Such a policy would save taxpayers tens of billions of dollars, with zero expense, as the cost of compliance is borne by the contractors. Such a policy would also mean an express ticket to Fortune 500 listing for TransparentBusiness. The investment opportunity discussed in this video summary will no longer be available once a requirement for “transparent verification of billable hours” is enacted nationwide or in any major state. The investment opportunity discussed in this video summary will no longer be available once a requirement for “transparent verification of billable hours” is enacted nationwide or in any major state. Legislators in 21 states have already introduced our model bill, demonstrating an irreversible trend towards transparency in public procurement.

Latest News

#HerImpact: Silvina Moschini, Endeavor Entrepreneur
Kieran Kesner for Endeavor
Mar 4, 2019
This week, Silvina Moschini was interviewed by “#HerImpact” series in Endeavor Entrepreneur.
Mar 3, 2019
Silvina Moschini, the President of TransparentBusiness has received the WHEALTH & INNOVATION Award
2019 edition of Defiance by Alex Konanykhin
Mar 2, 2019
The new edition of Defiance, the book by Alex Konanykhin, the CEO and co-founder of TransparentBusiness has become available at Barnes and Noble.
Industry Era - 10 Best Entrepreneurs of 2019
Industry Era
Mar 2, 2019
Industry Era magazine has placed Alex Konanykhin, the CEO of TransparentBusiness, on the cover of its upcoming issue.
Governor Phil Murphy
Feb 28, 2019
Today, Silvina Moschini, the co-founder and President of TransparentBusiness, had a opportunity to discuss with Governor Phil Murphy the benefits of transparency for New Jersey.
TransparentBusiness investor deck
Feb 27, 2019
The new version of our Investor deck is unveiled at
Feb 27, 2019
The bills suggested by TransparentBusiness have been introduced in THE MAJORITY of the states.
Presentation for upcoming Single Family Office Summit NY
Feb 22, 2019
Today in NYC, Alex Konanykhin, the CEO of TransparentBusiness was the first presenter at the SFO Summit.
Claudia Vasquez
Feb 19, 2019
Claudia Vasquez, a recent President and General Manager of CA Technologies (LatAm) joined TransparentBusiness as an investor and its Vice President of Partnerships and Growth.
Our Government Relations outreach registered in The Register
The Register
Feb 14, 2019
Interestingly, it was a British publication - The Register, to become the first news media to run a long report on our Government Relations initiative.
Kenneth D. Arredondo joins TransparentBusiness as its Chief Revenue Officer
Feb 14, 2019
TransparentBusiness is pleased to announce the appointment of Kenneth Arredondo as its Chief Revenue Officer. Arredondo was formerly a senior executive with CA Technologies, where he held leadership positions including President and General Manager of Asia Pacific & Japan, General Manager of Global Growth Markets, and President and General Manager of Latin America. He is also one of the early investors in TransparentBusiness and a member of its Board of Directors.
NY Tech Power 50
Feb 12, 2019
Alex Konanykhin, the CEO of TransparentBusiness is listed in The New York Tech Power 50 list.
Our presentation at the the Family Offices Super Summit
Feb 9, 2019
During Dec 10-11, we presented TransparentBusiness to the 1200+ attendees of the the Family Offices Super Summit in Miami and have developed some large-scale opportunities during this event.
Big Ideas: “A dashboard to monitor your remote workforce” with Alex Konanykhin, CEO of TransparentBusiness
by Christina D. Warner
Feb 5, 2019
Last week, our CEO Alex Konanykhin was interviewed by “Big Ideas” series in Authority Magazine
TransparentBusiness in Iowa
January 30, 2019
We are pleased to announce that in Iowa TransparentBusiness will be represented by Charles Larson and his LS2Group team
GINtv uploaded to YouTube their interview with our President Silvina Moschini (in Spanish)
December 29, 2018
recorded this fall when Silvina was the keynote speaker at the large-scale GIN Conference in Mexico.
TransparentBusiness in Wyoming
December 25, 2018
We are pleased to share with you that Dave Picard just joined us as our government relations representative in Wyoming
Silvina Moschini on CNN re data safety and tech stock
by Guillermo Arduino, CNN
December 20, 2018
Today, our President Silvina Moschini appeared on CNN to discuss data safety and tech stock
TransparentBusiness in Texas
December 20, 2018
We are pleased to share that we retained Knaupe Government Relations to represent us in Texas and that Gregg Knaupe has already started his outreach to key legislators
EY podcast with Silvina Moschini
by Juliette Foster
December 20, 2018
The EY podcast with our President Silvina Moschini and its transcript are available at the EY website
Tech and Telecom Award for TransparentBusiness
December 20, 2018
Today, co-founders of TransparentBusiness Silvina Moschini and Alex Konanykhin went to the Sony Hall in NYC to receive the Award for Corporate Social Responsibility
TransparentBusiness in NJ
December 18, 2018
Today, Senator Chris A. Brown, Deputy Conference Leader and the ranking member of the New Jersey State Government Committee before which our bill is pending, joined our bill as a co-sponsor
Facebook and TransparentBusiness shareholders
December 17, 2018
Today, our President Silvina Moschini discussed our partnership with Facebook with Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook
TransparentBusiness and EY
December 17, 2018
Today EY distributed the invitation to their podcast with our President Silvina Moschini.
New York Ethics and Accountability Summit
December 13, 2018
Today, our CEO Alex Konanykhin presented TransparentBusiness to New York City officials at the New York Ethics and Accountability Summit.
IL Senator's Op-Ed regarding the importance of TransparentBusiness
December 8, 2018
As yet another evidence of the irreversible trend towards transparent verification of billable hours, here’s the op-ed of Pamela J. Althoff, the State Senator, who sponsored our bill in Illinois.
Our New Jersey bill is approved by the State Committee
December 7, 2018
Today in Trenton, Michael Turner and Alex Konanykhin (CEO of TransparentBusiness) attended the hearing of the Assembly State and Local Government Committee which has approved our bill.
Contratar mujeres debería ser el foco de todo negocio
By Laura Andahazi Kasnya, Clarín.
December 6, 2018
The largest newspaper in Argentina published a feature article about our President Silvina Moschini and her SheWorks! initiative (a subsidiary of TransparentBusiness).
South Summit in Mexico City
December 4, 2018
Today, our President Silvina Moschini moderated and closed the South Summit in Mexico City.
Endeavor events and Gala in New York City
November 28, 2018
After a rigorous and competitive selection process, in 2015 in Morocco Silvina was selected to be a an Endeavor entrepreneur. Today and tomorrow, she’ll be participating in Endeavor events and Gala in New York City.
'Behind the scenes' from the CNN studio in Miami
November 23, 2018
Today, our President Silvina Moschini did her second CNN appearance for the week. Here’s a 'behind the scenes' photo from the CNN studio in Miami.
Llega el Black Friday, ¿cómo hacer las mejores compras?
November 22, 2018
Llega el Black Friday y se espera que cada consumidor gaste en promedio US$ 1.000. Mientras las tiendas se preparan con grandes ofertas, se prevé que las ventas en línea sigan creciendo. ¿Qué debes saber para que tu dinero rinda? ¿Podrás acceder a todas las ofertas desde América Latina? Lo conversamos con Silvina Moschini, directora ejecutiva y fundadora de SheWorks y TransparentBusiness.
The new investment flyer of TransparentBusiness
November 14, 2018
As we are preparing for two investment conferences this month, we prepared this summary of the investment opportunity related to TransparentBusiness.
TransparentBusiness in Georgia
November 13, 2018
We are pleased to share that in Georgia TransparentBusiness will be represented by Thompson Victory Group.
TransparentBusiness in the Buckingham Palace
November 8, 2018
Today, at the invitation of Prince Andrew, Sergo Vashakmadze, our London-based financial representative attended Pitch@Palace event in the Buckingham Palace.
TransparentBusiness presentation @ NY Tech Conference
November 7, 2018
The NY Tech event today proved to be a good opportunity to present TransparentBusiness and the benefits of transparency to NY city officials.
TransparentBusiness presenting at the World Economic Forum event in NYC
November 6, 2018
The World Economic Forum NYC meeting today proved to be a great opportunity to present TransparentBusiness to business leaders.
NY Tech and TransparentBusiness
November 6, 2018
Tomorrow Silvina Moschini will be the main presenter at the New York Tech Conference Several of our NY-area-based team members and I will participate in the event as well.
TransparentBusiness in Maryland
November 5, 2018
We are pleased to share with you that in Maryland TransparentBusiness will be represented by Compass Government Relations
TransparentBusiness @ the Council of the Americas
November 2, 2018
Today in Miami, Silvina Moschini presented TransparentBusiness at the Council of the Americas and to the Vice President of Panama.
TransparentBusiness in San Francisco Chronicle
November 1, 2018
San Francisco Chronicle ran our ad yesterday, the first one of a series of five ads, designed to create brand recognition in San Francisco Bay Area and find suitable Silicon Valley investors.
TransparentBusiness in Massachusetts
October 31, 2018
We are pleased to share with you that Ventry Associates will be representing TransparentBusiness in MA.
France 24
October 29, 2018
France 24 just broadcasted an extensive (12 minutes!) and positive report about SheWorks!, a subsidiary of TransparentBusiness, including a detailed interview with SheWorks founder and CEO Silvina Moschini.
WSJ Oct 29
October 29, 2018
Apart from contributing to brand recognition of TransparentBusiness, advertising has resulted in a number of strong leads.
...a New York-based software startup called TransparentBusiness Inc. has drawn backing from Fortune 500 executives
By Steve Gelsi. The Deal.
October 26, 2018
...through a relatively new type of securities offering called 506(c) as part of an effort to raise $10 million this year.
USA Today
October 26, 2018
Our ad was again published in the best spot of the Main Section of today’s issue of USA Today.
TransparentBusiness in Alabama
October 24, 2018
TransparentBusiness just retained the Government Relations firm Barton & Kinney to represent its cause in Alabama.
Increasing TransparentBusiness brand recognition
October 23, 2018
Today our ad again appeared in the Main Section of the Wall Street Journal
World Economic Forum - Nov 6 event
October 19, 2018
Since TransparentBusiness is a member of Partnering Against Corruption Initiative of the World Economic Forum, we were invited to participate in its NYC meeting co-chaired by the Global Chairman of Deloitte.
TransparentBusiness in South Carolina
October 17, 2018
TransparentBusiness is preparing to expand in 2019 its Government Relations efforts to the states where we were not represented during the legislative sessions of 2018.
The detailed report on the recent participation of Silvina Moschini in W20 Summit
October 15, 2018
We continue our efforts to present our transparency recommendations to the Heads of the G20 States via B20 and W20 tracks of the upcoming G20 Summit.
Transparency for New York
October 12, 2018
In less than a month, Silvina Moschini, co-founder and the President of TransparentBusiness, will be presenting benefits of transparency at the Tech in New York conference organized by the City & State
PA Legislation
October 11, 2018
Thanks to the representation by Richard Gmerek and his agency, the House State Government Committee in Pennsylvania approved this week our proposal to make transparent verification of billable hours mandatory for state contractors.
The World Economic Forum
October 10, 2018
Today the World Economic Forum published an article of Alex Konanykhin, the CEO of TransparentBusiness
TransparentBusiness in the Wall Street Journal
October 9, 2018
To make sure that we take full advantage of this favorable investment market, we started reaching investors via the Wall Street Journal.
TransparentBusiness launches the 'ROI' advertising campaign in USA Today
October 8, 2018
Just six weeks remain until the Thanksgiving week and the beginning of the end-of-the-year holiday season; so we are taking steps to accelerate our fundraising.
CNN report on TransparentBusiness, SheWorks & Silvina Moschini
October 4, 2018
Today CNN ran a report on Silvina, her participation in W20 and our TransparentBusiness / SheWorks project.
W20 - Portafolio
October 3, 2018
Portafolio, a leading business publication of Colombia, published today a feature article about Silvina, her presentation of SheWorks at W20, her Miss Internet fame and about TransparentBusiness.
Silvina represents TransparentBusiness at the W20 track of G20
October 3, 2018
Silvina’s participation in W20 Summit was reported by La Nacion, a top national daily in Argentina.
Our new NYC address
September 27, 2018
Effective October 1, TransparentBusiness moves its NYC office from the 85th floor of the World Trade Center to 1345 Avenue of the Americas, 33rd Floor, New York, NY 10105, to benefit from a more central location in Manhattan.
Brian Travers
September 21, 2018
Brian Travers, the CEO of Premium Retail just joined TransparentBusiness as a shareholder, having acquired 200,000 shares in our 506c round.
CIO of P&G joins TransparentBusiness
September 18, 2018
Javier Polit, the CIO of Procter & Gamble has joined TransparentBusiness as an equity partner and a member of the Board of Advisors.
Suggesting STOP FRAUD Act
September 16, 2018
We are continuing to talk to the federal legislators about introducing our STOP FRAUD Act in the United States Senate and House of Representatives.
James Costos, Former U.S. Ambassador to Spain, Joins TransparentBusiness Board of Directors
September 12, 2018
TransparentBusiness today announced that James Costos, former U.S. Ambassador to Spain and Principality of Andorra, has joined its Board of Directors.
TransparentBusiness starts advertising in IBD
September, 10, 2018
The Investor’s Business Daily ran its first TransparentBusiness ad this week
El Economista
August 30, 2018
El Economista, a major Mexican business and economics newspaper, reports on Silvina’s visit to Mexico
GIN group
August 29, 2018
Our President Silvina Moschini is in Mexico City, discussing Strategic Partnerships with GIN Group and Grupo Carso.
TransparentBusiness in PA
August 27, 2018
Transparent verification of billable hours is becoming an irreversible trend, as Pennsylvania just became the tenth state where legislators introduced our bill
Puerto Rico - Senate
August 24, 2018
Our President Silvina Moschini, meeting with Thomas River Schatz, the President of the Senate of Puerto Rico who seemed to be very supportive of our proposal to safeguard the island from padded invoices
Puerto Rico - House
August 23, 2018
Our President Silvina Moschini is in San Juan today, helping Puerto Rico become transparent
EQUALS in Tech
August 16, 2018
We're pleased to share that the Global Partnership to Bridge the Digital Gender Divide has selected our SheWorks company as one of five finalists, out of 357 initiatives
TransparentBusiness Launches $25 Million Round of Financing, Taking Advantage of the "General Advertising" Provision of SEC Rule 506(c)
August 14, 2018
TransparentBusiness, Inc., designated by Citigroup as the "Top People Management Solution," announced today the launch of a $25 million round of financing under the terms of the Rule 506(c) of Regulation D of the Securities Act.
NJ Senate will hear the bill suggested by TransparentBusiness
August 01, 2018
Senator Sarlo, the Chair of the Budget and Appropriations Committee of New Jersey Senate, just introduced our bill, in parallel to the one previously introduce in the House.
TransparentBusiness Team at the Legislative Summit
July 31, 2018
..and here we are, last night, conspiring to reduce Fraud, Waste and Abuse nationwide - the part of our Government Relations team which made it to Los Angeles
An update from NCSL Summit in Los Angeles
July 31, 2018
Our President Silvina Moschini on the Legislative Summit, lobbying Great Presidents and Founding Fathers.
A quiet minute at the Legislative Summit today
July 30, 2018
TransparentBusiness booth at the Legislative Summit, in a quiet moment between meeting with the legislators
El amigo americano
July 27, 2018
If you can read Spanish, consider pre-ordering the new book of our Director James Costos, a recent U.S. Ambassador to Spain
TransparentBusiness commercial for use on major TV business channels
July 24, 2018
As our Q3 priority is raising the $25M round needed for turning TransparentBusiness into a strong internationally respected business brand, we created this commercial for use on major TV business channels
La Nacion, the newspaper in Argentina, just published full-page article, prominently featuring our President Silvina Moschini
Claudia Sandoval Gómez
July 23, 2018
Plataformas laborales, para que ellas no dejen de trabajar
EY is excited about their partnership with our SheWorks subsidiary
July 10, 2018
Here's a couple of EY tweets from yesterday.
Frederic Garcia, our representative in Mexico, had an opportunity to meet with the President-elect of Mexico.
July 2, 2018
This weekend, Mexico elected its new President - Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a/k/a AMLO.
Maria C. Lipton, Managing Director of Morgan Stanley has just joined us as an equity partner.
July 2, 2018
We are pleased to share with you that business-savvy investors keep joining TransparentBusiness.
EY, SheWorks! & W20 press-conference
June 28, 2018
EY and SheWorks! (a TransparentBusiness company) join forces to attract more women to the workforce by offering flexible job opportunities worldwide
EY Announces Partnership with SheWorks!
The HRT News Desk
June 27, 2018
EY has announced a new partnership with SheWorks!, the cloud-centered tech platform which offers women access to flexible & remote employment opportunities across the globe.
Who’s Who in EY
June 26, 2018
on the photo above: “Who’s Who in EY”, taking advantage of the photo op with our co-founder and President
EY partners SheWorks! to create jobs for women
Julia Irvine
June 26, 2018
EY has joined up with cloud-based technology platform SheWorks! with the aim of creating 100,000 professional job opportunities for women around the world by 2020
EY and SheWorks! join forces to attract more women to the workforce by offering flexible job opportunities worldwide
Julia Irvine
June 25, 2018
EY today announces a new collaboration with SheWorks!, the cloud-based technology platform that provides women access to remote and flexible job opportunities around the world.
Global Banking & Finance Review reports on TransparentBusiness advertising campaing
Global Banking & Finance
June 25, 2018
Bitcoin’s Collapse is the Theme of TransparentBusiness’ Advertising Campaign
TransparentBusiness Ad Campaign Focuses On Bitcoin Implosion, Crypto Collapse
Bitcoin Exchange Guide News Team
June 21, 2018
Last year, Bitcoin reached valuation of one third of a TRILLION dollars; TransparentBusiness may become another large blockchain project.
Silvina Moschini met in Rhode Island with the President of the Senate
June 11, 2018
Today, our President Silvina Moschini met in Rhode Island with the President of the Senate, the Senate Majority Leader, the Senate Whip and the Governor Gina Raimondo.
Providence Journal - Bring transparency to state contracting
Brian Patrick Kennedy
June 11, 2018
In this op-ed article of Rep. Kennedy, Speaker pro tempore of the Rhode Island House of Representatives talks about how costly overbilling can be to the states and mentions TransparentBusiness as a solution available to address this issue.
More media coverage of our bills in Rhode Island
June 10, 2018
Here's the report from GoLocal, an important online news channel in Rhode Island.
Channel 12 reports on our legislative initiative in Rhode Island
Susan Campbell,
June 7, 2018
Rhode Island CBS affiliate interviewed Alex Konanykhin, the CEO of TransparentBusiness.
May 30, 2018
The first legislature to pass the requirement for transparent verification of billable hours is Louisiana!
Presentation to the Senate Executive Committee
May 29, 2018
During the IL Senate hearing today the Governor’s office weighed in on the discussion, with the Governor’s Financial Policy Director testifying in favor of our model bill before the Senate Executive Committee.
Rhode Island - Rep. Langevin
May 27, 2018
Today Alex Konanykhin, the CEO of TransparentBusiness, had a conversation with Congressman Jim Langevin.
Maria Elena Salinas
May 24, 2018
Maria Elena Salinas, a famous broadcast journalist, has joined TransparentBusiness as an equity partner.
Increasing out media visibility
May 20, 2018
Billy Kenny becomes TransparentBusiness’ Vice President of Public Relations.
Presentation to the Senate - Committee
May 17, 2018
Alex Konanykhin, CEO of TransparentBusiness met today with the Illinois Senate President.
TransparentBusiness testified before the RI Senate Finance Committee
May 15, 2018
Today, Alex Konanykhin, the CEO of TransparentBusiness, testified before the RI Senate Finance Committee in support of the S2660 bill introduced by Senator DiPalma.
Kenneth Arredondo, Former President and General Manager of CA Technologies Latin America and Asia Pacific & Japan, Joins the Board of Directors of TransparentBusiness
April 25, 2018
TransparentBusiness is pleased to announce the appointment of Kenneth Arredondo to its Board of Directors. Mr. Arredondo, formerly with CA Technologies, held senior leadership positions with the firm including: President and General Manager of Asia Pacific & Japan, General Manager of Global Growth Markets, and President and General Manager of Latin America. He is also one of the early investors in TransparentBusiness..
A TransparentBusiness recommendation to G20 leaders
April 20, 2018
At B20 meeting at the US Chamber of Commerce today, Alex Konanykhin, the CEO of TransparentBusiness introduced the transparent verification of billable hours a requirement as an anti-corruption policy recommendation for the leaders of G20 countries.
TransparentBusiness meeting with OMB of the USA
April 20, 2018
At the Old Executive Office Building today, Senior Vice President of TransparentBusiness Mark Burtschi and TransparentBusiness’ Advisor Dan Fuchs presented transparent verification of billable hours proposal to the senior officials of the Office of the Management and Budget of the United States (OMB).
The First Vice President of Peru welcomes Silvina Moschini, President of TransparentBusiness, to the Summit of the Americas
April 16, 2018
Peru has been a great host to the leaders of the Americas and business transparency! On the photo: Silvina at lunch with Mercedes Aráoz, the First Vice President of Peru.
The Transparency Resolutions of the Summit of the Americas
April 16, 2018
Transparency in public procurement has become a key international imperative, which creates major growth opportunities for TransparentBusiness and facilitates our work with state and national governments.
Panel - Summit of the Americas
April 13, 2018
Silvina Moschini, President of TransparentBusiness, moderating the Digital Future panel of the CEO Summit of the Americas.
The participants of the “Digital Economy” panel moderated by Silvina Moschini, President of TransparentBusiness
April 12, 2018
include senior executives of IBM, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, MercadoLibre and Salesforce.
IADB, the Inter-American Development Bank, identified Transparency as it’s key theme for the next 5 years
April 9, 2018
IADB leadership is discussing joint actions with TransparentBusiness with Silvina Moschini, President of our company.
Mendoza Welcomes the President of TransparentBusiness
April 4, 2018
We are pleased to announce that in New Jersey TransparentBusiness will be represented by Burton Trent.
Indiana Governor Signs the Bill Suggested by TransparentBusiness
March 21, 2018
Thanks to the outstanding representation by Miriam Dant, today the bill suggested by TransparentBusiness was signed into law by the Governor of Indiana.
TransparentBusiness & Southwest Airlines
March 30, 2018
TransparentBusiness contributes to increasing efficiency to Southwest Airlines.
Burton Trent will represent TransparentBusiness in New Jersey
March 19, 2018
We are pleased to announce that in New Jersey TransparentBusiness will be represented by Burton Trent.
TransparentBusiness In Texas
March 8, 2018
Andrea McWilliams has been selected to represent TransparentBusiness in Texas.
EY postings featuring Silvina and our SheWorks project
March 8, 2018
EY posts feature our co-founder.
California Senate Award
Feb 27, 2018
On the photo: Senator Jim Nielsen and Assemblymember Ken Cooley presented Alex Konanykhin, the CEO of TransparentBusiness, a State Senate Certificate of Recognition for Economic Development. Also present: Roxanne Gould, TransparentBusiness’ representative in Sacramento.
President of Peru invites our Chairwoman to the Summit of the Americas
Feb 26, 2018
...We’d like to invite you to participate in the Third Business Summit of the Americas which will take place on April 12 and 13th of 2018 in Lima, Peru as a prelude to the VIII Summit of the Americas in which Heads of States and Government of the Hemisphere will participate.
Governor Tomblin joins TransparentBusiness
Feb 6, 2018
Mr. Earl Ray Tomblin, the recent Governor of West Virginia, joined TransparentBusiness as a business development consultant and a shareholder.
Former Congressman Jerry Weller joins TransparentBusiness
Jan 31, 2018
Jerry Weller, a former U.S. Congressman has joined TransparentBusiness as an advisor and an investor. Mr.Weller was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1994 and remained a Congressman through 2008.
TransparentBusiness Offers Companies an Effective Solution to the Uncertainty Surrounding H-1B Visa Reform
Feb 7, 2017
A total of 97 companies -- including Apple, Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Netflix and Twitter -- filed a court motion Sunday night declaring that Trump's executive order on immigration "violates the immigration laws and the Constitution." The ban represents "a sudden shift in the rules governing entry into the United States, and is inflicting substantial harm on U.S. companies," says the court document.
TransparentBusiness wins a Cisco competition
April 26, 2017
Today won Cisco's competition as “the company most likely to succeed in the enterprise space”.
TransparentBusiness duplica monto de apoyo a refugiados
CIO, Adolfo Manaure
Feb 2, 2017
Respondiendo al decreto del Presidente Trump contra el ingreso de musulmanes a los Estados Unidos y el apoyo a los refugiados la plataforma de empleo remoto elevó apoyo a estos grupo vulnerables hasta 2 millones de dólares.
In Response to the Muslim Ban Imposed by President Trump, TransparentBusiness Doubles Its Commitment to Refugees, Pledging Two Million Dollars
Jan 31, 2017
The controversial Order of President Trump banning citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the USA and freezing refugee program caused hardship to thousands of refugees. To alleviate their plight, TransparentBusiness has doubled its commitment to Partnership of Refugees to two million dollars.
Former SGI's CEO Jorge Titinger Joins TransparentBusiness as its Chief Strategy Officer
Jan, 2017
Today, TransparentBusiness is pleased to announce appointment of Jorge Luis Titinger as its Chief Strategy Officer. Mr. Titinger is best known as the former CEO of SGI (Silicon Graphics International Corp.), a global leader in high-performance solutions for compute, data analytics, and data management, which was recently acquired by HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise).
La nube en el trabajo. La revolución de la tecnología
Por Mariana F. Maldonado. Publicado en El Universal.
Oct, 2016
El mundo laboral cambia a pasos agigantados. Y la tecnología hace realidad lo que antes era sólo posible en la ciencia ficción...
White House Announces Commitments to the Call to Action for Private Sector Engagement on the Global Refugee Crisis
The White House, Office of the Press Secretary
Sept, 2016
Today, the White House is announcing that 51 companies from across the American economy have made new, measurable, and significant commitments to aid refugees in the United States and around the world in response to the President’s June Call to Action...
TransparentBusiness Joins the White House Call-to-action for Private Sector Engagement on the Global Refugee Crisis
Sept, 2016
(September 20, 2016, New York NY) Today, President Obama will host the Leaders’ Summit on Refugees in the wake of the UN General Assembly, where he will present the White House call-to-action for private sector engagement on the global refugee crisis...
Curbing Bad Behavior: App Seeks to Harness Overbilling by Contractors
The Times-News
Aug, 2016
That contractors routinely overbill governments at the expense of taxpayers may come as no surprise. That these overbillings likely total hundreds of billions of dollars should shock and infuriate us all...
Top 6 Conflict Resolution Tips for New Managers
Simon Bonello
Jul, 2016
Use technology to your advantage. Certain workplace disputes can be avoided by using technology. For example, using a reputable time tracker and recording phone calls can help mitigate some potential conflicts. Platforms like TransparentBusiness are especially helpful in eliminating potential issues such as billing conflicts between employer and employee.
TransparentBusiness and Yandiki join forces with Facebook to empower entrepreneurs from around the world
TransparentBusiness / Press-release
May, 2015
TransparentBusiness, the platform that facilitates agile access and management of the connected workforce and Yandiki, a company specializing in providing cloud-based creative talent on-demand, were selected by Facebook as partners for, a global community of mobile developers. In its first year, FbStart distributed benefits worth more than $100 million to more than 3,800 startups, helping many of these companies grow their businesses worldwide.
Startup spotlight: Yandiki connects creative talent around the world
Nancy Dahlberg, United States
Nov, 2014
WORLD AT HER FINGERTIPS: Silvina Moschini, who runs Yandiki, works while holding her dog John John in The LAB Miami in Wynwood. She runs Yandiki, which screens and matches tech talent, for instance in Latin America, with companies that need it. The site allows talent to live anywhere yet still find work online.
Internet entrepreneur Silvina Moschini breaks barriers
Rachelle Akuffo, United States
Nov, 2014
When the first wave of the internet washed over us with the dot com revolution in the late 1990s, the number of women in technology was few and far between. But one female entrepreneur was such a standout in the technology field, dubbed by the media as ‘Miss Internet’. As with many aspiring entrepreneurs, Silvina Moschini‘s journey began with taking a risk and leaving her corporate career. CCTV America’s Rachelle Akuffo reported this story from Washington D.C.
Consulate Pitches Ukraine for Outsourcing in Spite of Conflict
Rachel King, United States
Jul, 2014
SoftServe, along with embassy officials and Internet firm KMGi Group, which offers an online service called to help companies better monitor the work of remote employees first began a campaign, April 29, to appeal to Western businesses to support outsourcing as a way to stave off a “new Cold War."
Ukraine Wants to Become the Silicon Valley of Europe
Marina Koren, United States
Apr, 2014
The event ran like a standard business pitch, with several economic and tech experts touting the benefits of outsourcing IT jobs. The embassy had partnered with TransparentBusiness, a "cloudsourcing" provider that allows managers in other countries to remotely monitor their contractors' work in Ukraine. By growing this economic sector, Ukraine isn't looking to become the next India, the evening's featured speakers said, but rather the Silicon Valley of Europe. The most memorable marketing tactic of the evening wasn't touting cheaper ...
Total Control - Silvina Moschini and her virtual platform for remote work management
Enrique Garabetyan, Argentina
Aug, 2012
Two tendencies which to many seem contradictory assert themselves on a global entrepreneurial stage: companies must become more efficient and economical, while workforce – especially the creative youth – demands better labor quality and more flexibility. How to align two trends that often pull in opposite directions? One way to reconcile them, which many companies are exploring, is through telework. This is one of the drives of adopting cloud computing, and it propels the creation of new...
Three Ways to Keep Your Customers Coming Back
Daniel Bortz, United States
Jan, 2011
One of the most common mistakes small-business owners make is to focus so much time on attracting new customers that they skimp on the effort it takes to create loyal customers. That's a mistake, of course, because it's more expensive to get new customers than to retain them. To develop and nurture a relationship with your customers, you have to communicate regularly and, above all, provide consistently over-the-top service. Here's a look at how three small businesses are keeping the...